HighRoller® is currently the best product for your personal muscle care on the market. HighRolling is an easier and more effective way to get more agile muscles, improve your mobility, enhance your recovery, increase your metabolism and also prevent injuries.

Sport Product of the year 2015

How does it work?

HighRoller® has its roots in traditional foam rolling, which has been reported in several non-biased studies to be one of the most effective ways to recover, prevent injuries and also enhance your performance and mobility.

The effectiveness of HighRoller® is based on exercise position, which balances the body to the most optimal positions during your muscle maintenance exercising. You no longer need to use excess energy to maintain difficult exercise positions; now you can channel all of that energy into essential action – rolling. When the body reaches its natural positions while rolling, the musculature relaxes and will be more receptive to your workout.

With HighRoller®, all exercise positions are so easy to learn and maintain that you will be able to roll deep muscles effectively, and keep rolling your most problematic areas, longer than with an ordinary foam roller.


HighRoller® lifts the foam roller off the floor, to the most optimal level for its user’s ergonomy during muscle maintenance exercise.


HighRoller® is manufactured using only the finest materials. It has a very steady support frame and with its first class foam roll HighRoller® is incredibly easy and safe to use.

HighRoller® - The Story